Propstars Photobooth

What makes our photobooth the best


We have over 10 years experience in wedding/portrait photography. Our booth is always accompanied by at least one real photographer that’s an expert with our equipment.


We use Nikon professional cameras and professional studio lighting with consistent color and power output.  We don’t just have professional equipment, we know how to use it.


We use a professional strobe light & Umbrella that gives our images their signature punch while making you look your best. No blown out photos here.


Our booth features a photo-lab quality dye sublimation printer. This means your prints look as good as if you had them printed at a professional lab, but they come out of the booth in 8.9 seconds for a 4×6 photo.


Our open air style means you have a lot more freedom than an enclosed booth — imagine large groups and oversized props. You can easily fit 12 people in the frame, comfortably.

  • up to 4 HOURS
  • Unlimited photobooth sessions
  • 4 Photos per session
  • Two 2″x6″ or 4″x6″prints per session
  • Download link to digital files
  • Choice of existing backdrops
  • 6 HOURS
  • Unlimited photobooth sessions
  • 4 Photos per session
  • Two 2″x6″ or 4″x6″prints per session
  • Download link to digital files
  • Choice of existing backdrops
  • 6 HOURS
  • Unlimited photobooth sessions
  • 4 Photos per session
  • Two 2″x6″ or 4″x6″prints per session
  • Download link to digital files
  • Custom printed backdrop
  • Email & social media iPad station

  • What’s an open air photobooth and how is that different from a traditional photobooth?

    A traditional photobooth is a small enclosed box that you usually sit in to take your photos. You can usually only fit 2 to 4 people in a traditional booth, and are much more limited in props and background options because of the smaller more confined space. In our open-air booth, the booth is a freestanding tower that houses all the electronics (camera, light, printer, computer, etc), you and your guests stand in the open air between the booth and the 6ftx7ft backdrop. This not only lets you fit far more guests into each photo (we’ve easily fit up to 12, comfortably), but it also gives you more freedom to use larger props and a wider variety of backdrops.

  • What do the printed photos look like?

    Each session in our phootobooth will include duplicate 2″x6″ prints like the samples below. We can customize the text and/or graphics at the bottom of the prints however you would like.

  • What if I want more or less time?

    The standard package includes up to 4 hours and the extended package includes 6 hours, but if you’d like us to stay longer, we can add additional time in 1 hour increments. Contact us for pricing on events longer than 6 hours. Our standard package price is our minimum rate — unfortunately, we cannot offer a discount for events shorter than 4 hours.

  • When will you set up the booth, how much time do you need?

    We require two hours immediately prior to the start of the photobooth service period to set up the booth. If you need us to set up earlier, we may be able to work with you to accommodate your event schedule.

  • Is the setup time included in the rental period?

    The two hours we require to set up the booth is included in the rental package cost, but is not included in the rental time period. For example, if you purchase the standard rental package and want to run the booth from 6PM-10PM, our setup time will be from 4PM-6PM and will not cost extra.

  • What are the space and power requirements for the photobooth?

    The photobooth needs a 10ft x 10ft space with a minimum of 8ft vertically. A little extra space never hurts either, but this is our minimum requirement in order to set the booth up properly. We also need to be within 20ft of a 110volt 15amp 3-prong power outlet that’s dedicated to our equipment — that means we need our own circuit that we’re not sharing with the DJ, the caterer, or any lighting equipment.

  • Do I get high-res images after my event?

    Yes, of course! We will provide you with a link to download high resolution digital files of every photo taken in the photobooth at your event. This is included in all of our packages and does not require any additional fee. All the images can also be uploaded to a password protected web gallery in real time at the event, so your guests can share them immediately.

  • Can the booth be setup outdoors?

    Yes, we love outdoor events! If the booth is going to be set up outside, we need a relatively flat, shaded area and a nearby power outlet. If there is a potential for rain, we need to be completely protected from the elements.

  • Do you customize props and backdrops? Can we bring our own props?

    Yes, if you’d like a specific backdrop design or specific props to match the theme of your event, we can provide those to you as an optional service. Let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll put together a quote for you. If you already have props you’d like to use in the booth, go ahead and bring them to the event (just let us know ahead of time so we leave room for them on the props table).

  • Can we customize the event details and graphics on the photobooth prints?

    Our base package includes customizing the type at the bottom of each photobooth print with your event name and date. If you would like to customize the layout, graphics, or other type on the prints, we can usually accommodate further customization, just call us or email us for a quote. This information must be provided ahead of time and can not be changed from print to print.

  • What if our event is outside of  Glendale, CA?

    We love traveling to events all over California! We do not charge for travel to any event within 50 miles of Glendale, CA. For events farther than 50 miles from Glendale, call or email us for estimated travel costs.

    Contact us to book our photobooth for your next event.